I strongly recommend Shanti Kids Yoga and Tutoring! Leanne, the main teacher, is fantastic! She has more than 15 years working with kids and her personality will allow your child to develop his/her highest potential.
She is calm and truly help the kids achieve self confidence in themselves. She is both a wonderful and inspiring teacher/turor and a great yoga instructor. Both of my kids (7 and 4) had yoga classes with her and they love her! She has been one of the best teachers my son had in school!

— Melina Gimal Resler

When I was looking for a fun and original idea for my 7years old daughter’s birthday party, I knew that Leanne’s Yoga class would be the best idea! She is a teacher and can handle young kids in any setting and her modern and intelligent approach to yoga not only makes kids move but it makes them think and feel!!!! Abigail was able to choose a theme and Leanne thought of every detail. We were all so happy with the result! A fun and meaningful birthday for Abigail and her friends who all enjoyed learning about yoga through laughter!
Thank you

— Lauren Sananes

Leanne is an amazing teacher! We were fortunate to have her for both of our kids as a general studies teacher and as a yoga instructor. Her ability to identify each child’s learning style and potential, is truly an amazing quality as a teacher. Both of our children excelled academically with Leanne as their teacher and miss her terribly. Her incredible ability to combine yoga alongside academic teaching is extremely rare. We truly appreciate all that Leanne has to offer and recommend her to anyone who is looking for an experienced, intelligent, creative and loving teacher!

— Rachel Slelatt

In 2017, I had the pleasure of travelling to South Africa with Leanne and a group of high school students on a community service trip. During our stay, Leanne led daily yoga sessions to not only our trip members, but to the children at the Mhapaku elementary school as well. No matter the participant’s age, language or level of yoga expertise, Leanne always managed to cater to all of the students’ needs. In every lesson, she was always engaging, friendly and compassionate. Leanne is an incredible teacher who I would recommend to anyone without hesitation.

— Kristen Marriott

I super recommend Shanti Kids Yoga & Tutoring. Your kids will not only love yoga, but will also use their imagination and will learn about mindfulness and literacy in a fun way. Leanne is caring, loving and left a lasting impression in my children’s life and in my life as a parent. A good teacher makes all the difference and Leanne definitely did that!

— Flavia Azar Romay

A few years ago Leanne was my daughter’s tutor. She used her knowledge, imagination and talent to teach her reading techniques, basic math skills as well as instilling confidence while thinking outside the box. Her learning improved and my daughter had all the tools and confidence to be successful. Thank you Leanne for sharing your power of knowledge.

— Kathy Lynn

Leanne came to my home to teach a mommy and me class. We love her energy and her creative techniques! She is a wonderful instructor. We had so much fun and I learned some great skills to help my child with his development. I highly recommend working with Leanne.

— Helena Cohen

I am so happy to be able to review Shanti Kids and Yoga! She is definitely amazing! The best gift we can give to our children is offered by Leanne in her classes. My daughters had her for almost 3 years and they absolutely love her, not only Leanne as a focused, spiritual, at ease being, but the fantastic lesson they learn when meditating and calming themselves. Thanks to this amazing woman, my daughters appreciate spirituality and can connect to the universe by grounding with Nature. They also learned and contemplate crystals, they learned how to recharge them and use them! Definitely Shanti is outstanding!

— Lina Alpern